I offer discount packages of 10, 20, 30, and 40 hours for both individuals and couples, with substantial savings. I will send you full details of the discount rates and my fee structure on request.


$US 26 per hour for one student

BASIC RATE FOR COUPLES:$US 34 per hour for two students  (works out to $US 17.00 for each student )

Note:  1. An “hour” is a full hour here.   2. There is no ”enrollment” or “evaluation”  charge.


The payments for the discounts should be payble in dollars on the first day of classes before instruction (please make an arrangement if you want to pay in other currency).

Note: Just to remind you: In Argentina , there is a limit to the amount of money that you can get from the ATM. It depends on your bank sometimes but the limit is usually 300 pesos argentinos per withdrawl, at 3 maximum withdrawls a day. Some of my students have told me that if you go to Citibank you can get more, 2,500 pesos in one withdrawl, or more, depending on your card. Citibank in Mendoza is at San Martin and Sarmiento St. Do NOT use the ATMs that say "Banelco", use the ones that do not say that for the maximum withdrawl. It is always better to bring in dollars to Argentina.


It is also a good idea to obtain foreign currency for the course and other activities before coming to Argentina.

Note: In every course, there is a folder with copies to work according to each level (each level normally takes approximately 20 hours each, depending on the student). Every folder is tailor-made. That costs an extra $US 25, for photocopy costs only.

10 hours of one-to-one lessons

20 hours of one-to-one lessons


10 hours of two-to-one lessons (two students, one teacher)

20 hours of two-to-one lessons (two students, one teacher)


If you need to get a hold of me quickly, my cell phone # is (261)-
155615053 .