Get in touch using the contact form on the home page. Please be careful writing your email, as many mistakes are made, and then I cannot contact you (for this reason, if may by best to also send the request using your regular email to my email: ) Other contact details can be found below.


Directions for new students

Most of my classes are at my house, where I have a lot of equipment and material. It has a quiet patio under a grape arbour, and tea/coffee is free :)

It is in the 6th section of the Mendoza City, “Capital”.

It would be best to take a taxi the first time, although you could take the “Parque” Trolley, on 9 de Julio Street, Colon Street or Aristides Villanueva Street, and take the trolley to my street, ParanĂ¡, 3 blocks from where I live, walk east from the stop at the corner of Boulounge Sur Mer.

The trolley stop is the 5th one past the big Park Gates of the immense Parque San Martin. The trip is pleasant.

There IS a bus stop from here that will take you the micro-centro, a half block from my house, but it is too complicated to explain how you can get here by bus. You can return by bus easily though.

There is a city bus that goes to a block and a half to my place that leaves directly from inside the terminal, called number 91 (Line 7) that says “Bo San Martin"on the window sign. You can catch it every 15 to 20 minutes from 6 am to 1 pm from between platforms 40 to 44 right in the bus terminal. Ask the bus driver to let you out at the corner of Paso de Los Andes and Suipacha, then walk one block north on Paso and one block east on ParanĂ¡.

The buses and trolleys all cost 6 pesos with a card only, You have buy a rechargeable card at some kioskos for 10 pesos, precharge and use on the trolley/bus machine.

My address is Calle ParanĂ¡ 628, halfway between (“entre”) Paso de Los Andes and Calle Granaderos, Capital. If you write that down and give it to the taxi driver, he will take you here. It will probably cost between 25 and 35 pesos, depending on the traffic.

Google map of my place

Why take private lessons with me?

The advantage of taking private lessons with me is that I am offering you tailor-made classes. You will be able to ask me all the questions you need and want during your stay. Not only can you ask me questions, but you can also clear up all your doubts without waiting for another student to ask some other questions you are not interested in.

As a professional teacher, I have a syllabus to follow which is prepared according to your exact level. I will not put you in a level you do not belong (as some of the larger schools do), which will cause you to lose time and money. But, I am also very flexible with that. According to my experience, students need to talk and be able to communicate in a real situation. I can provide that, or you may suggest a new situation you need to practice at the moment. I will feel very happy to help you. Together, we can create the class that suits you.

The key to my approach:

  • I am a certified and experienced Spanish language instructor.
  • The schedule: you can start any weekday you want to.
  • The class size is you (or you and the person with you).
  • Fifteen years experience in teaching foreign languages.
  • Preparation for the DELE international exam.
  • I create a cosy, friendly atmosphere, while maintaining professional standards and methology.
  • Special programs include: Spanish & Wine, and Spanish and Tango
  • I offer a wide range of activities suggested to do during your stay in Mendoza.

Because I have to prepare appropriate material before your classes, I have some questions for you to answer by email before we start classes, for linguistic reasons:

  • What nationality are you?
  • What is your native language?
  • What is your job?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your exact purpose for studying Spanish?
  • What are your interests?
  • What do you like to talk about?
  • What is your experience in studying Spanish?
  • If you are not a beginner, to help assess your level, could you please do these level tests, and then copy and send me the score and comments for each level test you do?

Nos vemos, Ani